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The Studio In The News


Chantilly Pet Show Attracts Two-Legged, Four-Legged Crowd
It was Chantilly’s version of a ‘Pettapolooza’ this weekend when exhibitors turned the Dulles Expo Center into a cavalcade of pet friendly exhibits, attracting a crowd of dog-and-cat owners and their tails-a-wagging pets.

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Inaugural Preparations in the Capital City
All sorts of companies, organizations and federal agencies are doing what they can to get in on the inaugural act. Above, a service dog who will be part of the inaugural parade being prepared for the big event.

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Piedmont Community Foundation Grant Going to the Dogs
After graduating from the University of Mississippi, Sarah Watkins was thinking about staying in Oxford, a classic old-south college town known to many as “The Velvet Ditch” because it’s so easy and pleasant to remain in the same rut in such a cozy, comfortable environment.

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Despite Caroline Elgin’s disability, she is able to create beautiful art that is inspired by her love for animals, especially service dogs.

Caroline’s art is currently on display at The Studio Grooming Salon in Middleburg, which is a perfect fit for her canine-centered work.

Caroline’s artistic pieces are the first of the studio’s local dog art series. By selling Caroline’s work, the studio has helped to raise more than $400 for CCI.

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If there is one thing a dog cannot abide, it’s being cooped up in a dark, distant cage while waiting for a bath and a haircut. Those little rooms filled with crying dogs simply ruin what should be a relaxing and luxurious experience.

That’s why Sarah Watkins, owner of The Studio, Middleburg’s Boutique Dog Salon, refuses to cage her clients at all, and allows them to roam freely while waiting for their turn to be beautiful.

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International Gold Cup

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